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8:00 9:00 1:00 Breakfast & Registration
9:00 10:15 1:15 Welcome remarks

Moderator: Sean Carlos
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10:15 10:45 0:30 Expo Hall Time & Refreshments
10:45 11:50 1:05 SEO SEA SMM Plus

The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors: 2016 Edition The Mad Scientists Of Paid Search The Elements Of Viral-Worthy Content TBA

This ever popular SMX session takes a look at which search ranking factors are currently influencing SEO results. What's on the rise; what's on the decline; what still works? Our panelists parse the data and focus on the key elements that deliver maximum SEO success in 2016 and beyond. While most of us spend our days toiling away in the deepest details of paid search campaigns, the mad scientists of paid search are running experiments, testing regression models and analyzing larger trends to unlock the fundamental secrets of paid search auctions, attribution, economics and search behaviors. Come hear our distinguished marketing scientists as they present their latest discoveries, insights and knowledge you can test out for yourself. Viral online content is capturing more and more attention, rivaling or even surpassing traditional media distribution.
So what’s the recipe for compelling viral content? One part gut feel, a dash of hard-nosed analytics and a deep understanding of the needs of your audience or customers are some of the key ingredients far-sighted marketers are using to amplify the results of their online campaigns.

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11:50 12:00 0:10 Room change
12:00 13:00 1:00 SEO SEA SMM Plus

The Latest In Advanced Technical SEO Taking Retargeting To The Next Level Marketing Mastery On YouTube TBA

While you're a master of the technical basics, even battle-scarred veterans can run into serious challenges when they dive into web site infrastructure, and find that things get a lot more complicated. URL parameter facets + pagination + canonicalization? Mobile + international versions? Local/geo + rel next/prev + AJAX?
If you're stumped on some of these issues you're not alone. Come hear how the experts tackle the crazy, complicated technical issues that completely sabotage even the best SEO efforts.
New techniques to better understand who is visiting sites and viewing ads are enabling more sophisticated audience segmentation and message targeting. Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and others have made audience segmentation and targeting using both third-party and first-party data accessible. This ability to offer personalized ad experience can significantly increase conversion rates and ROI.
In this session, you'll learn innovative tactics for segmenting audiences and tailoring ad campaigns that speak to prospective customers at a seemingly one-to-one level.
Going viral on YouTube can generate thousands of views. But that doesn’t mean you should promote your business on a cat related, lip synching, or celebrity gossip video. So what’s the best approach to leveraging the huge potential of YouTube? Come to this session to learn best practices for socially promoting your videos… while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

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13:00 14:15 1:15 Lunch & Expo Hall Time
14:15 15:30 1:15 SEO SEA SMM Plus

Keywords Are Dead — Long Live Concepts, Entities & Audiences! Ad Bidding Strategies & Bid Modifiers Winning Strategies With Facebook Ads TBA

Still thinking in terms of which keywords you should target for your SEO or paid search activities? Think again. With SEO, especially with Google Hummingbird, keywords might be entered by searchers, but concepts and entities are what get processed to find matches. This session looks at the shift away from the keyword-based world, with tips and strategies for thriving in a concept-driven world. You pay when users click on your search ads. But not all clicks are equal when calculating ROI. In this session, you'll learn to maximize the return on your paid search campaigns by using modifiers that automatically change bids by various dimensions, such as time of day, geography and device type. From branding to content marketing to performance marketing, companies are finding success with Facebook ads. In this session, we'll hear about innovative ways advertisers are tapping into Facebook's evolving capabilities, using first-party data and testing ad formats and messaging to meet engagement and revenue goals for their businesses.

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15:30 16:00 0:30 Refreshments & Expo Hall Time
16:00 17:15 1:15 SEO SEA SMM Plus

Advanced Link Auditing & Best Practices For Acquiring Authoritative Links Conversion Rate Rockstars Reacting To Real-Time Events: Being On-Point For Mass Appeal TBA

Learn to diagnose whether a site has been hit by a link-based penalty and identify the likely causes, including manual action, algorithmic penalty or negative SEO.
Panelists will address critical topics such as what constitutes "good" vs. "bad" links, discuss what to do if you've been hit with a link penalty, plus teach you how to be proactive about link auditing and risk assessment.
You'll learn how to streamline link evaluations and the steps required to effectively manage link disavow processes when clean-up is necessary. You'll also learn scalable, white hat tactics for earning high quality links, including content development and PR-based strategies to drive meaningful citations and build authority while avoiding questionable link acquisition tactics.
Dynamic landing page testing and tuning. Persona development. Search funnel and user navigation path sculpting. Attribution modeling. These and other tasks are becoming increasingly important for search marketers striving to achieve their ultimate goal of customer conversion — getting website visitors to take action by buying, registering, downloading, calling, or whatever your desired outcome may be.
The conversion rockstars on this panel will show you how to get inside your visitors' brains and create an experience that satisfies their needs by leading them seamlessly from search to ultimate conversion.
Social media enables “Real Time Marketing Moments,” and brands are mustering resources to participate in the conversation during high-profile sporting and media events… with mixed results.

Some RTM Moments are one-hit wonders; some are egg-on-the-face blunders. But with adequate forethought, RTM Moments can deliver brand engagements that are timely, on-message, culturally relevant and memorable. In this session you’ll learn how social teams inside large brands and the agencies that support them plan for RTM Moments, glean insight in real-time, and respond swiftly with appropriate and results-delivering messaging.

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17:15 18:30 1:15 Networking Reception in the Expo Hall


SMX After Dark

8:00 9:00 1:00 Breakfast & Registration
9:00 10:00 1:00 Keynote
Speaker: Jeffrey Rohrs
Moderator: Sean Carlos
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10:00 11:15 1:15 SEO Search & Mobile SMM Plus

The Most Common SEO Mistakes, And How to Fix Them Mobilegeddon! Surviving Google's Mobile Friendly Drive Advanced Winning Strategies With Facebook Ads TBA

Let's face it - sometimes "conventional wisdom" and "SEO best practices" are just flat-out wrong, and can actually hinder rather than help your efforts at gaining search visibility. In this session, veteran search marketers looks at the most common mistakes they have encountered and offer solid advice on how to remedy their negative impacts on search marketing campaigns. Ready? Google has said that its new mobile-friendly algorithm will impact more sites than their Panda or Penguin algorithms. And though mobile SEO has much in common with traditional SEO, other factors weigh significantly in mobile search algorithms. For example, how important is the mobile user experience? Is your site responding properly to tablets vs. phones or even different types of phones? What about load time, link placement, http status codes, or the use of rich content? To be truly effective at mobile SEO, you need to pay close attention to these and other factors, and this session shows you how. From branding to content marketing to performance marketing, companies are finding success with Facebook ads. In today's session, we'll hear about the more advanced ways advertisers are tapping into Facebook's evolving capabilities to meet engagement and revenue goals for their businesses.

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11:15 11:45 0:30 Refreshments & Expo Hall Time
11:45 13:00 1:15 SEO Search & Mobile SMM Plus

The Next Generation of Structured Data: Taking Markup To The Next Level What You Should Be Doing In Search & Mobile Recovering From A Social Media Mistake TBA

In this session, you'll learn how to go beyond basic schema or related microdata markup by using structured data markup to gain greater visibility outside of standard web search, and take full advantage of new marketing opportunities in mobile and conversational (voice) search. You'll hear new ideas for creating indexable apps, leveraging JSON-LD to push app content and actions to search results, the Knowledge Graph and more, and how to track your success using Google Tag Manager and other tactics. Mobile SEO has much in common with traditional SEO, but other factors weigh significantly in mobile search algorithms. Likewise, your mobile ad campaigns need to be developed and structured differently than your desktop efforts.
This session goes beyond the basics of mobile search marketing and brings you up to speed on crucial tactics you won't want to overlook.
It is virtually inevitable. Your well organized and managed social media marketing department will slip-up at some time, and the social audience will punish you for it. In this session you’ll hear from brands that have survived social media miscues, from minor gaffes to major transgressions, and how they avoided the reputation-damaging consequences… then and in the future.

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13:00 14:15 1:15 Lunch & Expo Hall Time
14:15 15:30 1:15 SEO Search, Social & Mobile SMM Plus

AMA With Google Search Converting The Mobile Visitor Measuring Up With Social Analytics TBA

A highlight of SMX is this "ask me anything" session where Google takes on any question an SEO has. It'll begin by covering some of the most asked about SEO issues over the past year, with plenty of time for open questions from the audience. You won't want to miss it! Ignoring mobile users is foolhardy in a world where mobile traffic accounts for as much as 50% of all internet traffic... and a large percentage of sales. But what's the best way to attract and convert mobile users? Text ads? Display ads? Click-to-call offers? And what about targeting, by device, by location, or even by demographics of users on specific carriers?
Attend this session and learn effective tactics for converting mobile visitors into customers.
Proving tangible ROI is key to persuading management and clients to invest more in social media marketing.
This session looks at social media analytics methods, how to measure "conversions" when there may be no identifiable transactions, as well as some of the tools available to measure ROI and performance of social media activities. After this session, you'll be able to conclusively demonstrate the value social media brings to the marketing mix.

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15:30 16:00 0:30 Refreshments
16:00 17:00 1:00 State of Digital Marketing 2016

Moderator: Chris Sherman

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